Welcome to my blog about Live Magic, a Vivacity 20 yacht based on the south coast of England. Here I will update on trips, maintenance and any projects being undertaken.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scuttlebutt Solent to Poole Cruise 2013

I'm a little too tired this evening to write up the trip, but here are the tracks from the last few days. Live Magic and I travelled over 100NM in 5 days with a top speed through the water of 6.4kt and a top speed over the ground of 10kt! We sailed through fog, ventured outside the Solent, and met some new friends from the forum.


  1. Sounded like a superb trip - followed you all via the forum and facebook and Russell's blog... brilliant.... glad you didn't sell Magic now?? :o)

  2. lol I never wanted to sell her in the first place but very glad you didn't buy her in the end as I certainly couldn't have afforded a new boat this soon, and probably not this year in the end.