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Monday, 1 April 2013

Chart case

Well, this one wasn't planned. I was sitting around today and had some spare navy blue ripstop sitting on the floor. This had been intented as the cockpit tent but turned out far too dark and I had yet to tidy away so decided to make a chart pack. I love charts and have quite a collection, mostly the big chart packs from the Admiralty but also a few of the old folded ones. These are hard to keep tidy due to their size, so they live under the sofa but still somehow end up working their way out, possibly in a bid to make me use them more. The case itself is very simple and took around an hour to make, consisting of a single piece front and back with separate sides. There is also a flap to cover the charts once they are in but no fastenings to keep it closed. The waterproof nature of the rip stop fabric should protect from splashes but also the dark backing will protect from UV fading the colours.
 Here you can clearly see the black waterproof backing which would have made the cockpit tent dark and depressing.
 To show the scale, here is an admiralty pack.
 And another, and finally here is the pack with the flap tucked in ready for storage.

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