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Monday, 30 March 2015

Parallel Pin Punch

I thought a little post on these might be a good idea since I suspect most people are unaware of them. When working on rigging, there is occasionally a pin which holds something in. On Live Magic, this is the case at the mast head where there are pins of around 5mm diameter holding blocks in place as well as to connect the standing rigging. By design, these pins are a tight fit, and although they do use split pins at either end to ensure they won't fall out they are extremely hard to remove. A hammer can be used to bash it up to a point, but then you need something small enough to go through the hole and keep pushing. Obviously, you could use a screwdriver or centre punch, but these will damage the pin and potentially spread the metal outwards, making it too large for the hole and therefore also even harder to remove. Enter the parallel pin punch, basically a round piece of metal with a flat end which is designed to push pins out of holes. They are really cheap too, so no excuses to not use them.

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