Welcome to my blog about Live Magic, a Vivacity 20 yacht based on the south coast of England. Here I will update on trips, maintenance and any projects being undertaken.

Monday, 19 May 2014

New Teak

Hi all, sorry it's been so long since I've posted any updates I've been very busy. I've just replaced the teak strips either side of the companionway as the old ones broke - never hold on to the sliding hatch for support at sea!

The new ones are also teak, which I sourced from Robbins Timber in Bristol, UK. This is sustainable teak and although more expensive than other hardwoods isn't as expensive as you'd imagine. I ordered a single length planed to size, the single length was to avoid a charge per piece for two separate pieces. Once it arrived, I cut my two lengths and had a little left over to use for plugs.

I then used a router to round the edges. To do this, I first rounded the top corners using the router end on to the wood to give the rounded end, then used the same bit to round the long edges and around the top. Finally I flipped over the wood and rounded the bottom edge as the Vivacity has a curve moulded in to the fibre glass between the step and where the wood attaches.

Next, I bought a plug and cutter set from Axminster tools. This includes bits for cutting plugs and matching holes which are used to cover the screws. I also bought a pillar drill to make sure I was cutting square on with these bits although it would be possible to carefully do without one.

Once the screws were in I glued the plugs in with wood glue. There is some argument about whether to use varnish, glue or nothing for this but I went with glue as I have no intention of removing these again while I own the boat.

A few hours later, I used a hacksaw blade to cut as close as possible to the wood. The tape is to avoid marking the wood too much.

Next I used a plane set really fine to plane off any remaining plug to flatten. It's possible here to just sand back but that would probably lead to a less flat surface even using a sanding block.

Finally I sanded back to smooth with a sanding block and 120 then 180 grit paper. Here you can clearly see the double rounded top edge.


  1. Welcome back... nice job on that teak.

    Is LM still in Emsworth, you were thinking of moving to Pompey I think???

    1. Yes I moved to Portsmouth early this year. I miss Chichester harbour but its nice to get to the west Solent a bit more (new post on its way about a trip to Beaulieu River)

  2. ..look forward to that - had my first trip to Beaulieu (by boat) last summer - enjoyed it enormously - well - more than Dylan KTL did anyway!