Welcome to my blog about Live Magic, a Vivacity 20 yacht based on the south coast of England. Here I will update on trips, maintenance and any projects being undertaken.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Update on the stackpack

Well, the new sail bag has been on for over half a year so I thought a quick update might be welcome since it's the most popular post on the blog. The design has worked incredibly well and made my life as a single hander much easier. If I were to start again the only change I would make is a third support line to hold the bag at the end of the boom. On this size boat it's not strictly necessary but the bag would balance better with it. I've had no degradation at all of any seams, zip etc. and water build up has not been a problem. Overall I'm very pleased with it and would happily make one for my next boat.


  1. Glad it has worked out well. How do combine it with reefing and keeping tension on the clew?

  2. There is no need to reef on the Vivacity, I just drop the main as the first reduction in sail area and she sails well on genoa alone.
    If I needed reefing lines though, it would be easy to add a zip in to put them through like on other sail bags. The cost of the zip would be about £3 so not a huge extra expense either.