Welcome to my blog about Live Magic, a Vivacity 20 yacht based on the south coast of England. Here I will update on trips, maintenance and any projects being undertaken.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pictures of the trip

I finally got around to uploading the pictures from the recent trip. Sorry it took so long but I had 2 cameras and a phone to upload from and left one of the cameras on the boat.

Haslar Marina
The Bounty in Cowes
In Cowes Marina


  1. Hallo David!
    Thank you for your great photos of your nice litte boat. I have an Alacrity 19, almost the same as yours Vivacity 20. I have problem with setting up my rigg and I have had great use of your photos of your boat and how it's rigged. My problem is that how I ever tried to tense the rigg I got a negative curve of my mast,the top of the mast is more forwars then the middle of the mast. Now I will try to mount a couple of more shrouds one of each side at the hight of the spreader and closer to the fore in the deck with hope that that will make the mast to have a nice and correct form and shape.

    PS Is it a Swedish flag on your boat? DS

    Best regards Thomas Svärd

  2. Hi Thomas, thanks for your post. The flag is a cornish one, St Pirans cross, and this is because I am from Cornwall (south west of England) originally.
    The rigging problem is one I've read about before, and on my boat there are fittings for another set. Not sure if you can see in the pics but there is another strongpoint on the deck about 20cm in front of the main shrouds. There is also a second fitting at the spreader, although this appears not to have been used and my mast doesn't have the problem so I decided not to change anything. If you need any specific pictures of my boat just ask and I'll take them as soon as I can.