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Monday, 18 April 2011

Painting the Deck

This weekend and last I painted the deck to get rid of the old baby blue which no longer matched the hull.
To begin with I brushed it with a wire brush to help give a key, and also to remove any flakey paint. In some areas I also had to use the scraper. All ropes were tied up out of the way, and the nice spliced shore lines were replaced by tatty ropes for the duration of the painting. On the first weekend I used a brush all over because I didn't have a roller tray and had already been to B&Q twice. I regretted this almost straight away and then even more when I returned after a week to see a boat that looked like it had a bad white wash on it. This time I was armed with a roller, however, so proceeded with a second coat after washing the deck down. The second coat went on very nicely and now looks pretty good for a 40 year old boat.
The paint used was Hempel Deck coating.

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